Murilee's 1965 Chevrolet Impala Hell Project, 1990-2000

Art Car To Daily Driver: 10 Years of My 1965 Impala Hell Project 
So It Begins 
The Modifications Begin 
Lowering Property Values 
Saddam Chooses My New Engine 
Three Speeds, Two Exhaust Pipes 
Gauges! Switches! Buttons!
Disc Brakes In, Massive Couch-Surfing Expedition Enabled 
Refinements, Meeting Christo's Umbrellas 
Fastening Shoulder Belts, Bailing From Academia 
Fiat Hood Scoops, Endless Ribbon of Asphalt 
Son of Orange County 
Next Stop, Atlanta! 
Mad Max At the Confederate Mount Rushmore 
First Taste of the Quarter-Mile 
No Replacement For Displacement! 
Another Heart Transplant 
Crash Diet, Frying Tires At the Dragstrip 
Back To the Dragstrip, Website 1999 
The Road Not Taken, Final Photo Session 
The End 

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