Murilee Arraiac consisted of any musician we could drag into our studio at luxurious Trailer B7, located in the Irvine Meadows West RV Park beneath the white sky of Irvine, California. All songs were recorded on Tascam 244 or Tascam Porta 01 cassette 4-tracks (except those recorded live at KUCI or via microcassette recorder at gigs). Drums provided by 55-gallon oil drums and tire irons, Casio SK-1 sampling keyboard, and a Roland 707 drum machine. The key to our special sound was the combo of a police scanner and a shortwave radio, played through various modified distortion boxes.

Jeff Roberts, Preparing For A Grueling Recording Session, Irvine, 1987

Bass Player Phil "The Jam" Jameson, Long Beach 1988

Some Homeless Guy and Greg "Hey Son" Hood, San Diego 1991

The Truman Rally, Irvine 1988


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