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342 24th Avenue


714 1T

Amazing Grace

Ance Dants

Are You Ready

Inutile Atrocities (Live on KUCI)


BackFromThe Dead To Fix Up Your Head

Be Holy

Bullwhip Intrusion

Buono Was An Ass Man

Chivo Frias Is Gonna Kill You

Clenching His Bare Feet

Continuous Sound

Cypress Sandwich

Dumpster Junction

Gail's Foot

Get Out


Good Humor Mustard Gas Truck

Great Evening Meal Of God

Hajoi Hotai

If You Don't Shut Up


Kodeine Koolers

Los Marinos Listados

Making Laws That Make Life Better

Medium Acne Complexion

More Good

Motor City Melanoma

Orange County Attitude Adjustment

Outstretched Overextension


Park Newport

Party At Jay's

Phantom Overpasses

Pillbug Popcorn

Pounding Beat #12


Practice Session 9

Rainier Backlash

Reveille Runners

Rocks and Bottles


Silverfish Hashbrowns

Slow Ride

SPICY Pimento Head Cheese

Submud Rubgun


The Mighty Mighty Big Dog

They Call This Motivating

This Is The Zodiac Speaking

This Is What He Is Saying

Thorazine Shuffle

Trout Juice

Twisselman Road

Uncle Sam's Critico-Explanatory


Valhalla Vacuum Vasectomy

Weekend In Hell

We Want Your Car

What Could This Criminal Do To Her In 13 Minutes?

What Is Party Ice

Yorba Linda 90

Yum Yum Donut


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