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It was quite a race, and its photographic Über Gallery has more than 2000 photographs for your enjoyment.

With 171 entries, the weekend’s LeMons racing activities at Infineon Raceway were a lot of fun. It always takes me a couple of days to process my photos into an Über Gallery entry, but that task is now done. 1,912 photographs of the action!

More than 1,000 photos from the action at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

I couldn’t make it to the Arse Sweat last weekend, due to some sort of terrible plague I picked up at the Boston Tow Party race, making this the first time I’ve ever missed a LeMons race at arse-freezing/arse-sweating Thunderhill Raceway. Assistant Perp Nick Pon was on the job, however, and he’s been kind enough […]

Three tries with the PillarCam™ produced zilch (the CHDK settings had become corrupted), but I still got over 1,000 shots with human-operated cameras. Check it out!

Nearly 1,000 photos from the hot-n-humid, engine-nukin’ action at MSR last weekend.

BS Inspection shots, PillarCam™ shots, bashed-fender shots, Penalty Box shots, you name it! All will be found in the Sears Pointless ’11 Über Gallery!

I’m turning around and going to another LeMons race, for back-to-back weekends (it’ll be back-to-back-to-back weekends in April), so I don’t have time to do a lot of Southern Discomfort posts right now. Just head straight to the Über Gallery for now.

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