I built my first stereo camera (a pair of Olympus Trip MD3 35mm point-and-shoots on a crude aluminum bracket) back in the mid-1990s, figuring that someday it would be possible to view the images without using a Viewmaster-style slide-pair viewer. Thanks to some science-fiction movie with blue people, that day has come! I’ve been scanning my old slides for posting on Cars In Depth, the leading 3D automotive site on the Web. The process takes a while, because I’m using the ancient SCSI-interface Canon FS2710 slide scanner I bought in 2000 for use on a Mac Centris 650, but I’ll get more of the photos up in the near future. For now, check out my Tercel and Sentra photos in pulsating 3D on Cars In Depth!

4 Responses to “Backyard Tercel Bodywork In Living, Bondo-Splattered 3d!”

  1. Seth

    This is the BEST! You should do a whole run of these because i would hang copies in my front living room with pride. The SCSI interface brought back terrible memories of the first Mitchell repair manual system they did on cd. What a waste of time that thing was.


  2. mechimike

    I’m in agreement with you about the Golden Age of Japanese subcompacts. I’ve driven a bunch of these cars- Sentras, Civics, Tercels- and while cheap, they were utterly reliable and easy to wrench on with a pair of jackstands in an apartment parking lot. And most of them, even by today’s standards, weren’t hard to live with on a daily basis. They had A/C, air bags, didn’t rust horribly, and could easily be fitted with a decent stereo. They’re 20 years old now, and they’re still great buys- at the end of their depreciation cycles, basic, cheap transportation for a grand or so that you don’ feel bad about driving into the ground.

  3. matea

    how did you create that 3d effect??

  4. Akaishi

    when I’ve done it I stripped the red channel from one image, and the blue and green channels from the other, and then overlaid the red over the blue using “screen” mixing in photoshop.

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