When we made Mike, team captain of the legendary Tunachuckers 24 Hours of LeMons team, a LeMons Supreme Court Justice at the Southern Discomfort race, we had no idea that he’d be adding so many cruel rehabilitative penalties to the LeMons Supreme Court’s torture kit arsenal-o-fairness. Here’s one that you Sears Pointless miscreants will be experiencing soon enough! 
Mike recognized that one of the most maddening thing about 1990s American cars is the mixture of metric and SAE fasteners throughout, as Detroit gradually shifted over to the standards system favored by Communists, criminals, and the morally bankrupt. He rounded up several dozen nut/bolt pairs, in every size and thread type he could find. 
The rules are simple: Match each bolt with the corresponding nut, threading the nut far enough down the bolt to prove that it really matches. 
We issued this penalty at both the Southern Discomfort and Gator-O-Rama races. Some miscreants managed to solve the puzzle in several minutes, while others had their brains short-circuit and spent much longer. Remember, Sears Pointless miscreants, we’ll be adding Whitworth and left-hand-thread fasteners to the mix for your race!

Southern Discomfort 2011 Über Gallery
Gator-O-Rama 2011 Über Gallery

3 Responses to “The 1990s Detroit Car SAE-Metric Fastener Mixup Penalty!”

  1. katherine

    Ha. My officemates are staring at me now……

    (considers going home to check on Whitworth set….)

  2. red91sit

    can one use vicegrips? I’m pretty sure I’ve managed to get SAE and Metric to get along before

  3. Joe Dunlap

    Vicegrips?? Piker!! And extra long combination wrench and a 1/2 inch impact gun running on 1K psi nitrogen. I’1l make ANYTHING fit ANYTHING! HAHAHAHHHA!

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