With the six-races-in-seven-weeks madness I just finished, I haven’t been able to keep up with some of the new approaches used by the LeMons Supreme Court to keep miscreant racers from killing themselves and each other in their so-called race cars. The LeMons Supreme Court likes to incorporate current events into penalties (e.g. The Hosni Mubarek), and thus the recent festivities in London inspired this penalty for the Loudon Annoying race of a couple weeks back. 
Credit for creating The Royal Wedding Penalty and all its props goes to LeMons Assistant Perp Kim, who travels from her Georgia home to help us put on races all over hell. In this case, she left Dixie for Yankee-land and brought Union Jacks, tiara, veil, and everything else needed to make our Royal Wedding even better than the one that inbred Prince had. 
The penalty works like this: we take the drivers from two miscreant teams (preferably who have hit each other and then refused to accept responsibility for their actions), put the wedding gear on them, sit them in a flag-bedecked golf cart, and parade them around behind the Judgemobile blasting “Rule Britannia” while their teammates wave flags and cheer. 
It was all so very festive! 
In spite of the rain, the paddock rats loved the Royal Wedding. Nice work, Kim! Now let’s watch a very shaky video, taken by me as I drove the Judgemobile. 

Click here for Loudon Annoying Über Gallery 

One Response to “LeMons Correctional System Innovations: The Royal Wedding Penalty”

  1. Shawn

    Waitwaitwait… Is the guy in the black grabbing the guy holding the flower’s junk? Phil, you may have gone too far with this one. Unless they did that voluntarily, in which case, carry on.

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