When you drive a terrible second-gen Camaro (yes, they’re all terrible) and you spin out repeatedly at a 24 Hours of LeMons race, the LeMons Supreme Court tends to rhyme “donuts on your lawn” with “Tony Orlando and Dawn.”
This is what happened to the Pflugerville Pflamers last weekend. You might recall the excellent job the Pflamers did with our Houston-inspired Purple Drank penalty:

The Bitchin’ Camaro Penalty is pretty simple: you spin out your Camaro, we make you look up the complete lyrics to the Dead Milkmen song, “Bitchin’ Camaro,” then write them on the car in Sharpie.

Bitchin’ Camaro, bitchin’ Camaro, I ran over my neighbor!

3 Responses to “LeMons Correctional System Innovations: The Bitchin’ Camaro Penalty”

  1. mechimike

    My parents drove it up here from the Bahamas!

  2. PFlugPflames69_4life

    Sigh. All that work, all that driving, and we’re best known for our style wit’ penalties.

  3. Mad_Science

    I could probably do that penalty from memory…dunno if I should be proud or ashamed.

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