Project Car Hell!

October 14th, 2011

When I left Jalopnik and took writing gigs at The Truth About Cars and at Motor Authority, on top of my job as Justice of the 24 Hours of LeMons Supreme Court, I thought that the run of Project Car Hell episodes would be over… but now Autoweek has talked me into bringing the series out of retirement! Let’s go back and look at the original three-year run of the series. 

First, let’s set the mood by cranking the shit out of the Project Car Hell Song, by Jack Astro & the Asscrackistanis (you may know Jack Astro better as a member of the Faster Farms Chickens ’66 Plymouth Belvedere 24 Hours of LeMons team). 
Project Car Hell came to define the Murilee Martin Lifestyle Brand™, to such an extent that I bought the 20R-engined Sprite from PCH Episode #1 when, a couple years later, it came up for sale again. So, to get up to speed on the history of Project Car Hell, check out the original 300+ PCH posts on Jalopnik.

6 Responses to “Project Car Hell!”

  1. Mulry

    Autoweek? Say wha?

    That said, PCH and NPOCP were, other than the LeMons coverage, my favorite bits on Jalop. I’m super glad that the Murilee Martin Lifestyle Brand ™ is resurrecting the series.

  2. acarr260

    You have made my Friday that much sweeter with this announcement. I always looked forward to PCH on Jalopnik. What ever happened to the Sprite?


    The Saucy Minx back on trail, PCH was the best feature Jalopnik ever had. For sure will be peeking more on Autoweek now.

  4. admin

    Forgot to mention, Nice Price or Crack Pipe was sort of a venue for PCH outtakes. I’m glad Graverobber kept it alive.

  5. onebiglizard

    I look forward to Project Car Hell each week, although it appears by gaps in posting that Murilee has other things going on, such as assessing penalty laps. I am anticipating we will soon read that you blew the 2.73 rear end out of the Impala. And what’s up with the A-100? Lizard

  6. cheapthrills

    I’m excited for its return! I stumbled upon PCH years ago when searching google for some of the obscure cars I was interested in. It has pulled me into the abyss of alterna-auto-blogs, and here I am today. As Lizard pointed out above, you seem to have a lot on your plate these days, Ms. Martin. Good luck, and I’ll be sure to read ’em up.

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