For a couple of years, the homepage of this site wasn’t very useful, with a few unlabeled icons leading who-knows-where. What the hell, I figured, the Murilee Martin blog gets regular updates. But wouldn’t it be nice for readers to be able to use this futuristic hyperlinking technology to find stuff I’d written? It would be like going from that 1994 website you view with Mosaic on your DOS-powered 386 to, I dunno, a 1997 website viewed with Netscape 1.5 on a Mac Quadra 800!
Because I insist on hand-coding HTML and I suck at layout/design, the site is primitive. Because I take ironic hipster pleasure in annoying animated GIFs, I’m using them for navigation icons. If you’re patient, you can stare at an icon for a few seconds and get to its hard-to-decipher stencil-font title. So, now you can find my latest writing on TTAC, Motor Authority, Autoweek, and Jalopnik, plus four years of 24 Hours of LeMons coverage. At some point, I might even put together a “Murilee’s Greatest Hits” page, so that I can live off past glory and avoid writing anything new for a while. Enjoy.

One Response to “ Homepage, Now With Handy Links To Stuff: Welcome To 1997!”

  1. mharrell

    I must admit, one-stop internet stalking is considerably more convenient. Thanks!

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