Say you’re driving in the heart of downtown on a major urban freeway and you bump another car. What do you do?
Well, these two decided that they should stop right where they were and discuss the incident. I don’t know, maybe they figured the police would want to see all the evidence, so they’d be covered when the $87 repair bills for scratched bumper covers came in. Meanwhile, 18-wheelers were roaring by a few inches away on either side, as traffic backed up for miles behind them.

4 Responses to “Traffic Safety Tips: Don’t Do This”

  1. mechimike

    One time, driving in DC, I was involved in a four car fender bender. Traffic was thick, moving in fits and starts about 10-15 mph. The guy in front got rear ended by the guy behind him; since he stopped short, he got rear ended by me, and the guy behind me rear ended me. The four of us pulled off onto the shoulder, looked at each others’ cars, realized we all had to get to work, and decided to call it a draw. No names or numbers were exchanged.

  2. theeastbaykid

    The dad’s just embarrassed because he crashed into his own daughter.

  3. mechimike

    I’d be embarrassed if that were my daughter, too. Driving that gold Cobalt and rocking a wardrobe straight out of a John Waters flick. And that’s not even mentioning the camel toe…

  4. Froggmann

    They HAVE to be displaced Californians. There is no other explanation of the absence of common sense.

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