Street rod with Packard 327 Straight Eight power
No, this mean-looking rod doesn’t have Rambler V8 power (though that would be cool). That’s a ’52 Packard Straight Eight flathead engine!
Thanks to Joe for braving the misery of his dial-up internet connection to send in these photos; I’ll do my best to get more information about this car from him.

8 Responses to “It’s a 327… But Not a Chevy!”

  1. Joe Hallowell

    Hey Murilee.
    My streetrod was built using over twenty different cars found in woods, fields and junkyards within an hour of my home in upstate VT. The body starts out with a ’29 Plymouth cowl and ends up with a ’33 Ford back section, the doors don’t match and the rest was what I could find to pull it all together. The frontend is ’38 Ford with the Packard spindles adapted to it. I mated a GM automatic to the motor using an adapter from Bendtsen’s, the brakes and rearend are Packard. Theres everything from a Porsche e-brake handle to a Toyota Tercel horn!
    The goal was to build it like they used to in the old days…not so much vintage but more about using what was available. The build took 3 winters.
    Thanks, Joe

  2. mechimike

    Isn’t the thunderbolt what struck Michael Corleone upon seeing Apollonia? Of course, perhaps if she were driving this, the mafia wouldn’t have blown her up.

  3. Mulry

    Good thing that tank has the lightening holes in the frame, otherwise it would be really, really heavy. Instead of just really heavy.

  4. mechimike

    Hey, its technically mid-engined!

  5. JeepyJayhawk

    That block looks like it was machined out of a solid billet! So awesome!

  6. discontinuuity

    I like to post this video anytime I have the excuse:
    Check out more of this guy’s videos too; that’s one sweet hot rod he’s got.

  7. CptSevere

    Great looking hotrod. Every time I look under the hood of a Packard, I’m amazed at how low the engine is. I mean, no valvegear in the head, no valve covers, the carb is alongside the block. This makes it easier to build one very low ride using a Packard engine like this guy has. Pretty cool.

  8. OA5599

    Now I know what to do with the Packard straight 8 in the back of my dad’s garage.

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