I’m crossing the parking lot of a Walgreen’s in Denver when this beautifully weathered Land Rover rolls up…
…and then parks across two handicapped spaces, even though plenty of able-bodied parking was available a mere 50 feet away. Shouldn’t she be driving a Hummer?

6 Responses to “Love The Truck, Hate The Driver?”

  1. Rory Carroll

    I think in that situation stealing it is justifiable.

  2. Mark Arnold

    …a woman was driving this?

  3. Tomsk

    You’re surprised?


  4. Michael Rennick

    Maybe it was an emergency pee stop? I can’t really think of anything else that would justify that kind of behavior.

  5. Serj

    she could have just as easily parked it on that mossy scrub-infested curb 15ft to the right. woulda looked a lot cooler sitting there too. poor rover.

  6. mechimike

    “she”? Wow, impressed a “she” was driving it. Maybe “she” needed to grab her Kennedy-pack of condoms (that’s the 36-er, for those in the know) for a weekend of rabid intercourse with hungry lumberjacks.

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