Remember the Roadmaster Mobile Justice Unit? The only thing better would be a Roadmaster Wagon LeMons race car… but who would be crazy enough to do such a thing?
These guys? I know, that LT-1 is going to blow both head gaskets about 19 minutes into the race tomorrow, but it will be worth it!

2 Responses to “A Roadmaster Wagon In LeMons? We Must Be Living Right!”

  1. Tomsk

    I see no evidence of a skylight, so I’m gonna guess this one was born a Caprice. Still sad to see any Whalemobile wagon serving as a LeMons racer.

  2. FuzzyPlushroom

    I now know what paint scheme my 745 Turbo will end up with if I give up on the original paint (412 Tropic Green).

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