I didn’t have time to make all 12 months, but I did have time to exchange a ’90 Tercel headlight-switch replacement job for some pro design work for this month’s calendar.
Yes, featuring Lady Satan, Ruby White, and the 146th-place (out of 148) Black Death Cressida, this Jeannette Copperwaite-designed calendar page will be sure to horrify your coworkers. Be sure to print it on your work printer, on company time; Murilee says “Stick it to The Man!” To download a printable PDF, go here. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “The April Babes & Beaters of LeMons Calendar Is Out!”

  1. Yuri from Moscow

    The idea of a calendar is great. But, “pro design work”, is it? I like the composition, the Cressida and models, but the background is hideous and literally looks like shit. I hate to be a bore, but I couldn’t help pointing it out.

    Thanks anyway, Murilee!

    P.S. We definitely want to know the day Civic Kid was born on… To grieve, you know.
    P.P.S. In Soviet Russia, Jalopnik reads YOU!

  2. admin

    The background is from The Patinas of Billetproof. Rust, not shit!

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