Yes, we’ve got a LeMons team that brought pole dancers to the race.
The dudes with the super-cheaty ex-CHP Crown Victoria (and Randy Pobst as their ringer driver) have some sort of strip-club connection, and that means… well, you can see it in the photos. We took 50 laps off their hefty BS penalty for letting one of the dancers take the car onto the track (and she turned out to be pretty quick). Meanwhile, you can watch the live Penalty Box action– which may or may not include the very pneumatic young ladies of Team Officer McCheaty– by going right here. Live Penalty Box coverage

4 Responses to “Busted! Live Streaming Video of LeMons Penalty Box Action”

  1. 1300ccsoffury

    God Bless America

  2. Jay

    Thanks for the ShortShift Luv!

  3. obsolete

    Is there a saved copy of the stream anywhere? Looks like it would be worth watching…

  4. Devin

    If you goto
    most of it was recorded, I will say it was simply a Live feed that got recorded there isn’t any editing of any good parts and what not, but the audio is pretty solid and you can hear pretty clearing what is going on. So Enjoy!

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