And The Real Winner Is…

October 24th, 2010

Contrary to popular belief, it is not impossible to win the coveted Index of Effluency trophy; prior to today, we’ve had two double-IOE winners. Today, we have our third: Team Police Brutality and its MR2-chassis-swapped Lancia Scorpion!
There was no way in hell that this car– which was still under construction as of 30 minutes before the green flag waved yesterday– was going to make 20 laps, but it ran all weekend!. Congratulations, Speedycop and Team Police Brutality!

7 Responses to “And The Real Winner Is…”

  1. RichVS

    Thumbs up! Wait… was this car ready for racing 29 minutes before the green? Were you taking it easy or something?

  2. Christopher Busta-Peck

    If Speedycop and Jan (of Eddins Moto) ever team up, watch out. The most obscure cars in the world, built reliably.

  3. Battles

    Is there a formula for a decent Lancia daily driver here?
    How much Toyota do you need to add to make a Lancia good?

  4. Speedycop

    Seems for us about 60% Toyota is the right recipe. We didn’t actually hit the track until 20 minutes or so after the green dropped, thanks to a pinhole in the radiator. Some Quick Steel and a little water later, we hit the track. Thanks to everyone who offered help or encouragement!

  5. Rust-MyEnemy

    I still struggle to not think Inlet Over Exhaust every time I see IOE on the screen.

    I’m about to own an Italian car, albeit a disappointingly modern one, so a little inspiration goes a long way. To see an ever-so-slightly shambolic Lancia put up such a brave fight fills me with hope for thousands of miles of trouble-free motoring.

    Excellent work, as always.

  6. mechimike

    I love how the rear end went together.

    “Hmm, the axle centerline is behind the original fenderwell.”

    “No problem. Sawzall!”

  7. dc doug

    ‘No problem, sawzall’ is exactly how it went.

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