I finally got the Project Van Hell A100 running and insured, so a trip to the Denver County DMV was in order. Having spent many, many, many painful and nonproductive hours in the Coliseum office of the California DMV in Oakland, I can say that the difference between the California DMV and its Colorado counterpart is like the difference between having your pancreas removed with a cheese grater and just contemplating your pancreas. I showed up with an 11-year-old out-of-state title, waited for 10 minutes (and didn’t see even one domestic-violence or public-urination incident), and was out of there with my new license plates a few minutes later. Colorado collector’s plates, good for five years. And check out the art they’ve got on the wall!

5 Responses to “Every DMV Office Needs a DeLorean Painting”

  1. CarRacer

    Do you have long lost relatives working there? That’s the only explanation I can come up with.

  2. mechimike

    I went through the same pleasant shock when I moved from Maryland to SC. The Maryland MVA was a byzantine maze of loopholes, gotchas, and massive lines of people who appeared to be homeless.

    The SC DMV, by comparison, is a model of efficiency. I think the longest wait I’ve ever had at one was 15 minutes, and if you have any documentation whatsoever, they act like you’re the most intelligent person they’ve met all day.

  3. Mike Harrell

    Just to be picky, the two gold-plated DeLoreans were 1981 models, not 1982. There’s also a third one made years later from spare parts, but it’s considered to be an ’83. Maybe the discrepancy accounts for that cryptic “(BACK TO THE FUTURE)” reference, whatever that means….

  4. mechimike

    Those rear wheels seem to have some nasty toe-in. I imagine that’s necessary for trying to out-manuever libyan terrorist hippie busses.

  5. Tom Jackson

    God I miss Colorado DMV…

    In SC, you don’t spend too much time at the DMV… you just have to go all over creation IN ADDITION to the DMV to get anything. Oh and good luck in trying to figure out the numbering scheme for those stuck inthe que…

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