The Lord Humungus-style white steel spoke wheels on the A100 Van Hell Project have a certain apocalyptic style, but my vision for a customized forward-control van has always included shiny vintage wheels that look like something from a Hot Wheels car. Got ’em!
I found these near-perfect American Racing Cragar S/S clones on Craigslist and drove halfway to Wyoming to pick them up. Guess what vehicle last wore them? That’s right, the cleanest, most original ’74 AMC Javelin AMX I’ve ever seen in my life! Yes, it has a 390 and 4-speed, and that’s just how it came from Kenosha; it now sports real S/Ss, and the original factory wheels are still present and accounted for. I think I need to go back and get some more shots of this beauty. Stay tuned here, or at TTAC, for more AMC worship.

6 Responses to “Project Van Hell Gets New Wheels, Courtesy Of ’74 AMX”

  1. Paul Y

    Absolutely perfect.

  2. Steve S

    Murilee, PLEASE more AMX pics!!!!!

  3. Tom Jackson

    Wow… I think I know the owner (or past owner) of that car!!!

    I used to work with a guy who had a CHERRY ’74 AMX named Tim at Raytheon in Denver… I wonder if it’s his????

    Nice trip down memory lane!!!

  4. LTDScott

    So are you going to jack up the back end of the van to have a sweet rake?

  5. arto

    Kind of ironic that American Racing would build a Cragar S/S clone, since Cragars started as a Torq Thrust clone.

    Still, nothing quite captures that bad ass, Ted Nugent 8-track era vibe better than chrome Cragars. Except maybe slightly rust chrome Cragars with mismatched center caps. You gonna scare up some white-letter Goodyears too?

  6. powermatic

    Perfect-okay, I guess real Cragars would be ‘perfect’, but who gives a shit.

    Just a note concerning DMVs as per your last thread, I feel obligated to say that my local (Bend, OR) office is insanely good, and turns every bad DMV story around 180. The counter people are friendly, polite, efficient, if you forget something you don’t have to start at the back of the line when you return-they even have one person whose job it is to roam around the office and ask people if they have questions, or need help. Basically, it’s how all govt. bureaucracies should be run, so Thank You Bend DMV!

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