Fuse Gumball Machine
Just in case a shopper forgets to stuff his pockets with fuses, this junkyard provides a convenient shopping solution!
Denver Junkyard
I moved to Denver from California a few months ago, but only now have I had a chance to check out the scene at the local self-service junkyards. This one is located atop a giant garbage landfill, with a nice view of downtown.
Fuse Gumball Machine
I found some interesting stuff to photograph there, so check in later for more Down On The Junkyard action.

8 Responses to “Innovations In Junkyard Marketing: Fuse Gumball Machine!”

  1. EyeMWing

    Man, I think one of my junkyards is onto the pocket-stuffing thing. They’ve actually asked to look inside my tool bag a few times lately. I don’t think they quite know how to approach the topic of wanting to know what’s in my pants.

  2. lowmiles

    I like the wide assortment of fluid bottles reflected in the mirror. It’s like the flavor selection of a shave ice stand, but more toxic!

  3. admin

    This junkyard sells jugs of used coolant and windshield-washer fluid, at retail prices.

  4. roadki1

    I need to get a gumball machine for my garage now. That is awesome.

  5. Anaximander

    Please tell me you get more than one fuse for 25 cents.

  6. Charles_Barrett

    Oh boy, new scouting territory to feed your hood ornament/chrome badge collection…!

  7. turbobrick

    My local P’n’P chain JY has the murky reclaimed radiator fluid in milk jugs at the cash registers too. How desperate do you have to be to actually buy that stuff, really? It’s not that hard to find a gallon of extra virgin Prestone for $10.

  8. mechimike

    I think I’d run straight water in my car’s coolnt system before filling it with used coolant. Really? Do you expect they ran it through a hygrometer before sticking it on the shelves? Most cars nowadays are so pitifully maintained, (especially the kind that end up in junkyards) its probably more mud than antifreeze.

    I could see maybe the windshield washer fluid, but that stuff’s a dollar a gallon anyway- hardly worth reclaiming. Now, I bet they could do a decent business siphoning the fuel out of doomed cars’ gas tanks and selling it off at 2 bucks a gallon…

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