Moskvich 412 in London To Mexico Rally, 1970I’ve already ranted about the Soviet performance in the 1970 London-Mexico Rally, but we can’t possibly have enough Moskvitch 412 worship! English Russia has come through once again.
By all accounts, the Moskvitch 412 was cruder than Khrushchev’s vodka-fueled descriptions of hog-breeding techniques, but who cares? Bronze medal and three top-20 finishes in a 16,000-mile rally!

One Response to “Moskvitch 412: Dominating The Rally World For The Glory Of The Proletariat!”

  1. Scroggs

    The 412 also made glorious combat against bourgeois, capitalist English touring cars.
    From the 1972 Lombard North Central Championship Car Race at Oulton Park, driven by Tony Lanfranchi. Photo by Norman Hayes

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