1972 MGB-GT Down On The Junkyard
Back when I had a chrome-bumper MGB-GT as a daily driver, I’d have killed to find this nearly-intact car at a cheap self-service yard!
1972 MGB-GT Engine
The entire drivetrain is there. Hell, even the tossed-into-the-trash-on-day-of-initial-purchase smog pump is there.
1972 MGB-GT Down On The Junkyard
Look, a whole dash packed with no-doubt-nonfunctional Smiths gauges, all backed by the finest wiring harness available from the Prince Of Darkness.
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9 Responses to “Down On The Denver Junkyard: 1972 MGB-GT”

  1. discontinuuity

    You can always use that smog pump as a supercharger for your 50cc scooter:

  2. Christopher Busta-Peck

    Hey, it’s good to see your writing again. I had to remind myself a couple times that no, I wasn’t going to be able to get my weekend Jalopnik fix. Instead, I worked on my own blog.

  3. priapism

    That thing is gorgeous! (for a junkyard find). You should see if they’ll sell it whole!

  4. voodoojoo

    Oh man, the thought of Murilee with the red mist bearing down on an unsespecting fellow junkyard-goer over MGB parts? Priceless

  5. mechimike

    I can’t believe no one would pay that guy scrap value for that car! Hell, _I’d_ have given him 300 bucks for it!

    The MGB-Gt is a beautiful car, too bad its outperfomred by most of its contemporaries.

  6. MadHungarian

    In Colorado, can you rescue entire cars from a salvage yard, or is it like CA, once in it never leaves in one piece?

  7. RichVS

    Rescues can be done, but it’s extremely unlikely once it has made it into the yard. The yard owner needs to be confident the VIN will never ever resurface. So pretty much, unless they know you, forget it.

  8. ZomBee Racer

    DARRRG!! I haven’t seen an MG in the yards for ages. Murilee, I need the carbs, grills, fenders, front turn signal lenses!! Ok, maybe just the carbs. Alas, the car is probably long gone…

    Those recessed front grills are damn near impossible to find in decent shape anymore. I’d grab them both and sell one of the buggers on EvilBay.

  9. admin

    It’s still there, and I know a guy who will pull and ship the parts to you for a reasonable price. Email me and I’ll give you his contact info.

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