Morrow's Auto Bradley GT prepares for LeMons Detroit
Remember the Holy Nickelbag mid-engined, twin-turbo GMC van LeMons racer? The Morrow’s Auto maniacs have returned to Gingerman Raceway with victory in mind!
Bradley GT with Wasserboxer engine swap
Sharp-eyed readers may have spotted the huge-ass radiator on the front of this pink fiberglass racin’ machine, and that’s because there’s a 1.9 water-cooled Vanagon engine in the back. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing how this thing performs on a real-world race track. What could possibly go wrong?

5 Responses to “Wasserboxer Power Should Make Bradley GT Dominate LeMons Detroit”

  1. mechimike

    Is that an automatic transmission cooler, too? Love the truck mirrors.

  2. retro

    Is the opaque windscreen a new cheaters penalty?

    It seems only fair, since everyone else on the track will have neon induced blindness after looking at that thing for a few laps.

  3. mharrell

    The world certainly needs more of these, but unless those front and rear assemblies are PVC instead of primered metal, how does it get around rule 3.13 about no structural elements extending past the original body line?

  4. Speedycop

    Sounds like it made it as far as the first turn of the track before the motor blew. They’ve already swapped motors, but to what I don’t know..
    If they want a real motor, they can use my carbed BMW V12. Should be a bolt-in, more or less…

  5. dave

    one word: smitten

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