24 Hours of LeMons Bull Oil Grand Prix BS Inspection
For the first time since the Sears Point race in March, we had beautiful weather for a LeMons race. To go with the sunny skies and low-70s temperatures, we had some excellently LeMonic entries (including this completely de-bodied Crown Vic)… and some total cheaters.
From the team that brought us the First Blood S-10 at the last Toledo race, here’s the Sleigher Mazda. Yes, all that stuff is staying on for the race. Did I mention that this car has license plates and has been getting street time with this setup?
Question: If you work for Pratt & Miller, should you have hardware like this on your Camaro’s so-called 305 engine? Answer: Yes… provided you don’t mind getting triple-digit penalty laps. There were sad faces all around when we asked to look under the valve cover.
Instead of a total cheatmobile, why not make us happy with, say, a pair of early Fiestas?
Or how about a Croatian Rally Championship ’69 Alfa Romeo Berlina? Can you really find a Berlina for under 500 bucks? We’re willing to suspend disbelief in this case.
Here’s one of the best fuel cell covers we’ve ever seen, mounted in the back of the first-ever LeMons Rabbit pickup.
Don’t try to bribe the Chief Perp with this stuff!
I begged the Morrow’s Auto guys not to take their Wasserboxer-powered Bradley GT out for practice laps today. “It’ll blow up for sure,” I told them. “Save it for the race!” Did they listen? No! So, of course, the Wasserboxer grenaded after two practice laps. Fortunately, the team has several possibly good air-cooled VW engines ready to go.
That’s it for now. Check in Saturday night for a recap, standings, etc. Go here for the complete Bull Oil Grand Prix BS Inspection Gallery.

LeMons Detroit Fall ’10 BS Inspection Gallery

12 Responses to “Berlina, Bradley, and a Pair-O-Fiestas: BS Inspections at LeMons Detroit Fall 2010”

  1. Spank

    HEY! Our Apollo 18 car has the same Fuel Cell cover! Oh wait, nevermind. We used a dryer. Carryon.

  2. CarRacer

    My moneys on the Fiestas.

  3. EyeMWing

    That Crown Vic is going to go through every single corner sideways. Guaran-freaking-teed.

  4. DeadinSide

    Where does someone find a PAIR of running 1st gen Fiestas??

  5. RichVS

    You have seen that cell cover before… except I deleted the control panel.

  6. Christopher Busta-Peck

    You can get a VW Caddy at Lemons prices? Wow.

  7. Roadrace55

    That Pratt and miller camaro had about 30 mph on everyone down the straights today. Dare I see a curse coming?

  8. Mulry

    Stevo told me about the BS inspection on the Camaro and how Jay said something along the lines of “look at all that nice flat black paint. Let’s take that valve cover off, shall we” followed by some very sad faces. FWIW for those not in attendance and without a teammate there, they were the #43 team and were themed for The King, of course, with feathery cowboy hats and all. They got 200 laps in honor of Petty’s record number of wins.

  9. Buzz Killington

    And now Jay is taking that enigne home with him.

    The Crown Vic actually handled brilliantly (better than our MR2), and stopped even better (happy side effects of cutting out 1200+ lbs of weight). Once we got the active adjustment working on the wing, flattening the angle of attack bought us another 5-7mph on the front and back straights. Too bad we could keep either gas or oil in their designated areas.

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  11. dculberson

    I love the combo of the fleshlight, KY, Vodka, and that look on Jay’s face.

    Was the Fleshlight actually mounted in the helmet? Like, you could fuck the helmet’s face? Yikes.

  12. Novaload

    When you (somehow) get a pair of Fiestas, you don’t need no stinkin’ theme. You’re done.

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