Sleigher Mazda MX-6 wins Organizer's Choice at 24 Hours of LeMons Detroit
Here’s our very first second three-time People’s Choice winner!
Their Supra DeLorean won Org Choice at the ’07 Flat Rock race, and then they won it again (along with the People’s Curse) at the ’08 Toledo race. Today, the Sleigher Mazda MX-6, whose hellish Christmas decor stayed firmly attached (mostly) at race speeds for a full weekend, annihilated the Organizer’s Choice competition.
When you build such a race car, where do you test it prior to the race? City streets, of course! Congratulations, team Sleigher!

8 Responses to “Sleigher Mazda Gets Organizer’s Choice”

  1. Craig

    First three-time winner? Comon Judge Phil, the Cannonball Bandits won it three times this year!

  2. admin

    The Wienermobile and the Canadian Illegals got the Org Choice, but I thought that was it. Or did the Tiger Woods car also get it?

  3. Craig

    Yup! Did you forget about us hoisting the mannequins during the award ceremony already?

  4. admin

    Whoops, you’re right. I’ll get around to fixing it… as long as you promise your Buttonwillow entry will knock us on our asses.

  5. Gravytrain

    May not be the first 3-time winners, but we have won it every single time that we have raced, so we feel good about that. Plus we finished around 20th out of 80 which is pretty good in my book!

  6. admin

    Santa’s sleigh played a major role in the battle for the win during the last half-hour of the race. The second-place Reynolds Style Celica got caught behind the Sleigher (which is itself respectably quick) and lost a half-lap or so to the GTV6 before managing to pass.

  7. DrunkMike

    Huh… who knew… I thought it was the the bent suspension care of tangling with number 66….

    Funniest moment of talking to Sebastian after loosing to the Alfa,

    S: “We were keeping up with the Alfa until #66 and I hit…”
    M: “You hit a car?! How did you not get black-flagged?”
    S” “…We did it discretely”

  8. Sir Thomas Crapper

    I’m still having nightmares of Santa chasing me down, telling me that I’ve been naughty…

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