These guys have done pretty well in LeMons racing, not to mention that deal in France, but their gambit to distract us from their quasi-cheaty Supra with their outrageously cheaty Camaro has resulted in the second-ever exercising of the 24 Hours of LeMons claimer rule.
The first time that Señor Lamm glommed a LeMons car for $500, the team had informed him that they wouldn’t be taking their drug-smuggling-bust-tainted Mercedes-Benz S600 home with them. In this case, the gentlemen from Pratt & Miller didn’t exactly volunteer for the honor, if you know what I mean and I think you do.
The LeMons HQ staff spent the weekend fantasizing about all the cool project cars that would be appropriate recipients for a 600-horse small-block Chevy engine, and various schemes for transporting the engine home (and disposing of the rest of the car, because who in their right mind wants a third-gen F body?) were discussed over drinks at the Screamin’ Perch restaurant in South Haven.
So, Jay announced the news at the awards ceremony after the race. He hasn’t actually taken delivery of his engine yet— no doubt he’s still shopping for a Bristol Beaufighter to receive it— and he hasn’t figured out the shipping logistics yet (though we suspect Mike Austin and his shady Midnight Auto Supply buddies will be involved), but we’re sure the P&M crew will be good sports about it. You figure they probably have a few more nice motors stashed away, no?

20 Responses to “Chief Perp Lamm Claims Cheaty-Ass Pratt & Miller Camaro!”

  1. m610

    Wow, that’s a pretty motor. I’m still afraid to take the valve cover off of our motor and have a look in there.

    Oh, and Jay, that thing would probably fit in our Opel GT.

  2. Speedycop

    He let that race motor leave the track? I hope he enjoys his junkyard motor when he gets it. I wouldn’t be shocked if they pulled a switcharoo.

  3. mechimike

    Yeah, something tells me those trick rocker arms and headers will be conspicuously absent from the engine in the very near future. I’d have driven the thing back to California.

  4. Mulry

    I seriously doubt that these guys will pull any shenanigans with the motor while it’s in “quarantine.” Pratt & Miller wouldn’t want to risk their reputation over a crapcan motor.

  5. Judge Jonny

    I think Dan’s Hupmobile is in need of a few extra ponies!

  6. Spank

    From their website:

    “The will to win – that is the cornerstone of Pratt & Miller’s success.”

  7. Sir Thomas Crapper

    Damn fast car in the straights.

    Jay should have signed every part avalable on that engine before it left his sight.

  8. m610

    And where there is a will, there is a cheater way.

  9. discontinuuity

    So what ever happened to the Mercedes? Surely Mr. Lamm doesn’t need another project car.

  10. Sir Thomas Crapper's assistant

    That car needed flashable high beams to warn you they were coming up behind you REALLY fast. That was the only car on the track you needed to move over for the FIRST time you saw them in the mirror…..

  11. admin

    The S600 ended up in Judge Ed’s yard-o-basket-cases, where it will (someday) donate its engine to some kind of nightmare hot-rod project.

  12. LTDScott

    Go big or go home I guess!

  13. Hoonatic Racing

    Jay can have my uber un-cheaty DC Integra chassis that he DQ’d. Nothing fixes a horseshoe frame like 700 hp.

  14. Dan

    I’ve shipped engines through Greyhound for less than $100. It takes a long time, but its stupid cheap.

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  16. TexanIdiot25

    They’re veterans, they didn’t try to hide anything on the car. I’d wager they wanted to go out and have some fun.

  17. Sam

    Jay, Raffle it of for your charity.

  18. Rory Carroll

    This engine BELONGS in the Lada.

  19. FlyHiFlyLo

    Screw the rockers… that is a set of 1700.00 heads….LOL

  20. BWG

    They DID try to hide things, and just didn’t do a good job. They painted everything flat black (Jay called them out), and even painted all the new suspension parts to look old, but the paint chipped off easy and Jay saw that as well.

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