1964 International Harvester Pickup down on the junkyard
The junkyard near my house has quite a few machines that we’d all prefer to see surviving on the street. For example, this 46-year-old IHC flatbed.
Looks like someone wanted the transmission but didn’t much care for the 266- or 304-cube V8.
The junkyard’s tracking system believes this is a gold Infiniti Scout. If only such a vehicle existed!

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6 Responses to “1964 IHC D-1200 Made It To 21st Century, But Hauling Days Are Done”

  1. TexanIdiot25

    Pick up that grille! Stainless steel trim is worth good money.

    Alternatively, I think the MG needs a bitchen grille.

  2. ZomBee Racer

    First summer job was at a summer camp that had a fleet of these things and the Travelall wagons. The caretaker kept wrecking them, and we kept rebuilding them. Got to where 2 of us could strip one of these pickups down to the bare frame in a day. Not hard at all. Unlike anything British.

    And those IH V8s sound wicked (especially without exhaust pipes).

  3. mechimike

    Bud in college had a Scout with a 304. And straight pipes. ZomBee is right, it sounded bad ass!

  4. CptSevere

    We have I think a ’62 International truck among the junk collection at the mine tour where I work. We dragged it down from another mine up in the hills. It’s all there, but I think the engine is locked up. It needs some completely weird engine dropped into it, like a two stroke Detroit Diesel.

  5. Froggmann

    Reminds me of the ’46 Dodge flatbed I recently saw in the junkyard. Flathead 4, butterfly hood, art deco speedo (I wish I went back and got that) and a really neat art deco Ram hood ornament. At least I got the hood ornament.

  6. Scoutdude

    That’s not a 1200 it’s an 1100 cause that’s a 5 lug Dana 44 with 2 piece axles holding up the rear.

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