Geo Metro with Taurus SHO Engine
After fortifying ourselves with a few shots of Powers’ Irish Whiskey and some Chicago-style pizza back at the motel in Joliet, we of the LeMons HQ crew are contemplating one of the most ridiculous, yet most amazing, entries in 24 Hours of LeMons history.
lemons_chicago-bs-69-600pxStarting with a neon-equipped Geo Metro purchased from a “Metro tuner kid,” a beat-to-shit Taurus SHO, and a Mercury Sable (all purchased for under 500 bucks total, which we find depressingly plausible), this team cut-and-pasted for months and produced… well, look at it!
It still has some remnant of a Metro unibody, though the front suspension uses a Sable/Taurus SHO matchup. The rear is where the magic happens, though. Power-to-weight appears to be excellent. Reliability, however, may be compromised.
Here’s Kludge #528: radiator hose snakes around battery. What could possibly go wrong? Did I mention that the car’s first drive under its own power involved about 50 yards this morning? Counting the minutes until we see this fine race car on the track!

6 Responses to “Holy Shit: Rear-Engined, SHO-ized Geo Metro!”

  1. Paul Y

    Sweet jesus, this is amazing. It’s like an extremely poor man’s SHOgun. I love it.

  2. DeadinSide

    This makes me very very happy. The hilarity of it all, plus the hand-formed body kit.

  3. Mad_Science



  4. Sham WOW

    Your going to be saying wow everytime.


  5. squirrley_Z600

    Look how much negative camber they gave away with that strut location…armatures 🙂

  6. JayP71

    Epic. Heck with Lemons, I want one as a daily driver–just for the shocked looks in traffic.

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