1957 MGA Down On The Denver Street
Sometimes I miss the burritos of Alameda, not to mention Lee Auto Supply, but the supply of interesting street-parked vehicles in Denver keeps the Down On The Street series up to Alameda standards. Here’s a near-perfect MGA I found parked just a block from my house.
I found this car just across the street from the spot in which I photographed this ’70 Cadillac convertible, so I’m wondering if both cars are owned by the same person. I’m guessing on the year, but I’m pretty sure I’m in the ballpark here.
Imagine choosing between those two red devils every day! 5,000 pounds or 1,800? 472 cubic inches or 1500 CCs?

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4 Responses to “1957 MGA Down On The Denver Street”

  1. mechimike

    Why choose? Put the MG into the Caddy’s trunk, and drive it around at lunch!

    Pretty car. Don’t know as I’ve ever seen a hardtop version.

    Rob, you got your ’64 Spridget on the road yet?

  2. dead_elvis

    wait, who’s this Rob guy you mention…


  3. Rob

    Soon – The brake and electrical parts I need are supposed to arrive today.
    BTW – not sure if I told you, but it truly is a Spridget – ’64 Midget with a ’69 Sprite motor.

  4. skitter

    I can’t imagine which makes the other feel fast, in order to keep the owner from looking to younger and faster chariots. Though in many other ways, they’ve got the spectrum covered.

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