And the Winner Is…

September 28th, 2010

The Team Iron Lemon BMW E30

The Team Iron Lemon BMW E30

That’s right, five BMW E30s have taken overall wins in LeMons races!
The battle for the overall win at the 2010 24 Hours of LeMons South race was hard-fought to the very end, with the Saab 900 Turbo and Team SOB Volkswagen GTI staying within a lap or two of the doorless BMW for most of the weekend. Congratulations, Iron Lemon!

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7 Responses to “And the Winner Is…”

  1. mechimike

    As Jay put it, “I went over this car with a fine toothed comb, trying to find a cheater, but it turns out it was just another miserable E30”.

    That #91 Saab is a great machine, driven by great drivers. Sad tha they’re planning to retire the car after this race, but perhaps they’ll come up with something even more potentially craptastic than an ’85 900!

  2. Serj

    was this another former E30 like doriftodogs or the supertroopers?

  3. The Dude

    It ain’t cheatin’ unless you get caught … E or I version … LSD or not… maybe a chip in the ECU, and looking at the picture, that suspension looks a little lower than stock, maybe some non-factory springs and/or some bilsteins? Everyone cheats … part of the game.

    Congrats Team Iron Lemon … they raced clean, were very fast, and stayed on the track for the duration. RBanks and S.O.B. were also outstanding.


    Props to the Iron Lemon BMW Team — they ran a fantastic race!!! In fact the whole race was well run by just about all of the teams. The amount of good, fast, cosistent teams in the South region is staggering when you think about it.

    It has been decided that the famous #91 Saab will not be retired. Most of us were a bit teary eyed thinking about the car just sitting around completing it’s return to the earth (as there is not much of it left), so we are going to continue to race it. The car is a warrior and it deserves to race. With that said — it will be at the Miami year end extravaganza!

    I hope to see you there Serj and thanks for the kind words.


    Robin Bank

  5. soldmystang

    this was a new E30 team to the best of my knowledge. the dorifto dogs didn’t enter this event. we are in a rebuilding phase.

  6. admin

    The Iron Lemon team has raced LeMons South before. Last time they had a total lack of theme, so this time they decided to, uh, paint their car orange and make vague Black Sabbath references.

  7. mechimike

    Robin, glad the Saab will soldier on! That car is a fine Swedish tank and I waved to the driver every time he passed us (which was often, as our Amazon is a bit of a rolling roadblock).

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