Four of the six 24 Hours of LeMons regions now have established champions, and they’d be entitled to have their trophies delivered in person by the LeMons Trophy Girls… only, like, that costs money! Instead, those winners will get their entry fees waived for the season-ending Fulgencio Batista Memorial 24 Hours of LeMons race in Miami. Let’s take a look at the winners!
In the Mountain Region, the Ghetto Motorsports RX-7 gets the championship thanks to its win at the B.F.E. G.P. and the resulting 13 points. Yes, when the region only has one track and one race, winner takes all! Actually, a two-car team that finished, say, third and fourth would have beaten Ghetto Motorsports.
Clueless Racing, with 22 points, nails down the Midwest championship. They got 10 points for their win at the American Irony race, then grabbed another 12 thanks to their four starts (and three blown engines).
The battle for the South Region was hard-fought and won by the slimmest of margins. Magnum P.U. got 30 points and the win due to their single second-place and pair of fifth-place finishes. This was enough to edge out the Saab 900 (with one first- and one second-place finish) by a single point, and enough for a two-point margin over the Super Troopers E30.
For the East Region, the 19 points earned by the Near-Orbital Space Monkeys and their 5 series, with one second- and one seventh-place finish, put them on top.
Meanwhile, things have become very interesting in the Gulf Region. The Red Rocket Ratnest Revival SHO team has 49 regional points, and the Race Hard Race Ugly E30 team— which often runs two cars— has 43 points… and there’s one more Gulf race on the schedule! Both teams are signed up, so we’ll see how that sorts out in a few weeks.
It appears that Eyesore all but has the West Region wrapped up; they’ve got 51 regional points versus’s 36, and they’ll be running two cars at the Arse Freeze-a-Palooza. If POSRacing enters multiple cars and then beats Eyesore with two or more of them, they can take the West. Otherwise, Eyesore takes the regional championship.

7 Responses to “LeMons Regional Champs Win Bragging Rights, Free Entry To Miami Race”

  1. Ryan

    Is there any kind of a online listing for these points?

  2. admin

    Right now the standings exist only on a spreadsheet on my computer. LeMons HQ is working on showing live-updated current standings on the 24HOL website.

  3. Serj

    shame us Track Pillagerz! couldn’t seal the deal. with 5 races this year, all finished out of the top ten, we gots us a lovely selection of single-point entries for the whole calendar, or 3 points for the midwest.


    we suck!.

    FWIW: 23rd@ Southern Discomfort(failed brake caliper), 12th@ American Irony(failed Brake Caliper[see a pattern?]) 17th@ Capitol Offense(quite literally at our limits; no failures) 15th @ Detroit Bull Oil GP (Brake Problems, Suspension Problems, Subframe Mounts were toast) annndd 15th @ Rob B 500(we WERE leading, but then the rain stopped. boats don’t kick so much ass when it’s dry. ANOTHER failed brake Caliper in the closing minutes of the race)

  4. Mad_Science

    Gah! What are those strumpets doing to that M30?

  5. Clowntrigger

    “their four starts (and three blown engines).”

    All you needed to know about Lemons right there.

  6. Tom Hergert

    Two teams equal more points (assuming you finish well of course)? Not sure I’m OK with this.

  7. CaddyWrecker

    What about a team award for most amount of miles driven in a given year? TPB has been to Michigan (Gingerman), Chicago (I.O.E Lancia, Joliet), CMP (Lincoln MVIII, twice) CT (I.O.E TurboDiesel Thunderturd, Stafford), West Virginia (Summit Point) and will soon be truck/trailer for a 20 hour one way drive to New Orleans for the Bayou 24HR. 62 hours of driving over 96 hours available time?

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