What Does It Mean?

October 31st, 2010

Spotted this bit of incomprehensibility in my neighborhood.
Perhaps the owner of this car belongs to the Burmese ethnic group, or perhaps the car is associated with a household full of people named Karen. And why “LOVE” on the fuel filler door?

8 Responses to “What Does It Mean?

  1. HycoSpeed

    You will be assimilated.

  2. hglaber

    Probably a home health aide. You should never just assume your vinyl (or tattoo) artist can spell even simple gerunds.

  3. discontinuuity

    There are a lot of Burmese refugees in the Denver area, but most live in Aurora. The ones I’ve met are Karenni, not Karen.

  4. Paul Y

    This verges on dada.

  5. Tomsk

    Join us. Join us. Join us. Join us…

  6. Hoonatic Racing

    i tend to think, some guy with no balls got married to a controlling bitch. everything that was “his” is now “ours” and what was once “I am Phil” is now “We are Karen”

  7. Gaseous Clay

    Clearly, this car belongs to Karen ‘Boutya. Some people just don’t know Karen.

  8. DoctorNine

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