Yes, everyone who lives in snowy parts of the country has seen at least one 4WD Justy, but I never saw a single one during all my years in California.
One can only imagine the performance of a 1.2 liter three-cylinder engine driving all four wheels through a late-80s continuously-variable transmission. At least it wouldn’t get stuck in the snow!

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7 Responses to “Three Cylinders, Four-Wheel-Drive, and a CVT: Junked Justy Injustice!”

  1. voodoojoo

    I saw one in the Davey G. side of town in Sacramento – I can’t say how pleased I was to find a 4WD Justy

  2. discontinuuity

    I knew I’d seen something about winter-time Justy hoonage before…
    There used to be a Justy in my town that was set up for ralley-cross, with a brush guard, lifted suspension, and knobby tires. I haven’t seen it lately though.

  3. Bob

    A great example of the hoontastic days of subaru. Sure they didn’t have the power or sporting prowess of the current generation but they tended to be tough and everyone I ever knew that had a Subaru of that period would do the stupidiest things in the world with them and end up with maybe a couple new scratches on the car ( which the average subaru owner didn’t care about) I bet that Justy spent more time sloshing through the mud and flying over hills than 90% of the WRXs and STIs sold in the last 10 years.

  4. Kobolowski Tires

    Crazy. I mean, yeah, I never saw one in my time I lived in CA… but I didn’t care too either. It’s just a Justy… See them a fair bit up here in AK, along with SVX’s, XT’s, Brats, even some GL-10 Coupes, and tons of 70’s/80’s GL wagons and three doors. We also still have a fair number of AWD Tempos and Eagle Wagons running around!

  5. Jon

    The look on the face of a Vermont State Trooper pulling you over for doing 80mph in a Justy was completely worth the ticket for the infraction. ‘Those things can go that fast?’

  6. priapism

    Those things are unstoppable in the snow. Skinny little tires cut through the white stuff like buzzsaws.

  7. Jasper

    And it’s even a 4 door!

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