1972 Mazda RX-2 Down On The Junkyard
I’m reluctant to post these photos, because I know that this post is going to trigger three years of emails that read “saw ur mazd for sale howmuch pay to by it?” Ahhh, what the hell.
It took Mazda a few more years to really get the Wankel thing completely sorted out, so the early rotary cars had a bad reputation for sucking gas and eating apex seals. That makes the RX-2 and RX-3 extremely rare finds today. Here’s one that will never see another highway.
Check it out: a 1977-vintage Sarah’s Family Bong sticker!

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5 Responses to “The Crusher Doesn’t Care About The RX-2’s Rarity!”

  1. Van Sarockin

    These were really nice, when they were running. Generally fragile, but a great value at the time.

    And they made great racers.

  2. ///Mink

    Gotta love those distributor caps!

  3. theeastbaykid

    A lot of these had a second exhaust pipe for fire so that the tailpipe explosions wouldn’t blow out the muffler. This might have been a signal that the Wankel had some issues but, dude! No valves! Hella power! Low weight! So much better!

  4. mechimike

    Today I made a pilgrimage to the local Pick-N-Pull, and took quite a few photos that are guaranteed to break some hearts. Awaiting the Crusher’s wrath were _4_ 123 body Mercedes, a 450 SEL, and an early-60’s Dodge Fleetside pickup. There was even a pair of early Grand Wagoneers, wood paneling, and both the same color- some hideous purple. I really dig me some Grand Wagoneer, and at least one of these was definitely savable. Or had been.

  5. ray schneider

    Went to a friends wedding in southern IL back in the ’70s. Flew into St louis with another bud and picked up the rental…an RX2. We beat the snot out of the poor thing the next 2 days…I think it had a big yellow warning light (or maybe even a buzzer?) when you hit the redline…it was hilarious. Amazing we didn’t get arrested. Ahh, good times.

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