Yes, this is an F150 body sitting on a Crown Victoria chassis. Backwards.
Outstanding! Unfortunately, the genius who built this fine race machine had his loser team abandon him, and the truck has a few tech issues that need to be ironed out. Chief Perp Lamm let the Backwards Truck out for several laps, because it’s so amazing, but this took place after dark and we couldn’t get any shots of it on the track.

6 Responses to “Backwards Truck Terrifies Bayou LeMons Racers”

  1. Bryan Wood

    Jalopnik has really gone downhill since you left. I mean no Lemons coverage at all. Better comments to come, promise.

  2. Paul Y

    This could be a real contender with a team that shows up.

  3. Akaishi

    This is a tragedy of the highest order. Who’d abandon this??

  4. Deartháir

    Hooniverse does have a spy in the midst at Laissez les Crapheads Roulez. While not the massive, comprehensive Murilee-style coverage, it’ll certainly give you an idea of what’s going on!

  5. Steve S

    How do you put a People’s Curse on a Team?

  6. A strolling player

    Hey, watch it, Deartháir. We don’t take kindly to being called “crapheads”.

    I did manage to get a few shots of it on the track. There’s one up here: and I’ll hopefully get a few more up later.

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