1954 Mercury Monterey

November 28th, 2010

1954 Mercury Monterey down on the Denver street
Since TTAC already has Curbside Classics, DOTS will be staying here at for now. I’ve finally found a halfway decent burrito joint in Denver, one that meets— more or less— my Mission District burrito-snob standards, and I spotted this 56-year-old survivor while blasting the Civic downtown on a carnitas run.
1954 Mercury Monterey down on the Denver street
It appears to have been hit hard and given a Field Expedient Engineering repair (tape, clear plastic, straps). Dents and all, it makes me happier to see one Monterey on the street than ten perfect examples at a car show.
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6 Responses to “1954 Mercury Monterey”

  1. Number Plates

    Just came across this site via Great site – curbside classics – lmao.

  2. discontinuuity

    Maybe I’ll have to send you some more photos then. I saw a nice Datsun 510 wagon today but my camera had a flat battery.

  3. admin

    I think I still have quite a few of your photos that I never used on Jalopnik. Maybe it’s time to play some catchup!

  4. mechimike

    I’m in Chicago today; driving around I spotted a 1986 Toyota 4Runner. And how do I know it was a 1986? The truck in question was bright orange, and had “Classic 1986” written in black script, large font, on the side. Classy.

    Its December in Chicago, which means the winter beaters are coming out- cars clad in all manner of rust and rust proofing. I saw a 15 year old Escort with rubberized undercoating protruding up past the rockers about 3 or 4 inches, obviously hastily done. But it wasn’t rusting! Also an old woody Grand Wagoneer, with surprisingly little corrosion.

  5. mechimike

    BTW, I can’t tell you the last time I’ve seen a Monterrey ANYWHERE, let alone out in the wild.

  6. FuzzyPlushroom

    I’m still shootin’, too, and I’ve got several I’ve never sent you. Glad to see this series continuing. Hopefully the Monterey gets fixed.

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