24 Hours of LeMons drivers, particularly the West Coast variety, tend to be slow to accept blame for their spinouts, crashes, and other bad on-track behavior. The LeMons Supreme Court is here to rehabilitate LeMons miscreants, and so we’ve devised a new penalty that takes inspiration from famous conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck.  
It works like this: The miscreant must choose five conspiracy elements from a stack of cards representing various shadow-government players. Swiss bankers, Muslims, Taco Bell, Science, pretty much the whole stinking bunch of anti-American conspirators. Once the five conspiratorial elements have been selected, the team gets together to diagram out just how those five elements worked together to cause their bad-driving mishap. When ready, the team then provides the LeMons Supreme Court with a Glenn Beck-style presentation. 
It all makes sense now! OK, let’s watch some of the presentations:


3 Responses to “LeMons Miscreants Blame Shadowy Forces For Their Bad Driving: The Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theory Penalty!”

  1. Money Cougar

    Fucking genius Phil!

  2. G___

    That was farpping brilliant. I almost want to be a miscreant now.

  3. skitter

    This sounds like a party game in the making.

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