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24 Hours of LeMons drivers, particularly the West Coast variety, tend to be slow to accept blame for their spinouts, crashes, and other bad on-track behavior. The LeMons Supreme Court is here to rehabilitate LeMons miscreants, and so we’ve devised a new penalty that takes inspiration from famous conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck.   

Judge Mike had a hit with the 1990s Detroit Car Metric-SAE Fastener Mix-N-Match penalty, but that wasn’t his only contribution to LeMons Penalty Box innovation.  

Back when I was a young Orange County performance artist, I never once imagined that someday I’d have a job that resulted in groups of grown men and women imitating me. Being a judge on the 24 Hours of LeMons Supreme Court is such a job. In the photograph above, we see the Ford Probe […]

Off To South Carolina!

February 17th, 2011

After nearly six weeks with no LeMons races, we’re finally spraying some starter fluid into the 2011 season and jump-starting this bastid!

Since Judge Jonny left the LeMons Supreme Court in order to work in a cubicle in LA, we’ve been scrambling to find LeMons Circuit Court judges to help out in the Penalty Box. For this weekend’s race in Michigan, we’ve shipped Judge Sam in from Savage, Minnesota.

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