Since Judge Jonny left the LeMons Supreme Court in order to work in a cubicle in LA, we’ve been scrambling to find LeMons Circuit Court judges to help out in the Penalty Box. For this weekend’s race in Michigan, we’ve shipped Judge Sam in from Savage, Minnesota.
Judge Sam is my cousin, son of the legendary biker and Jaguar mechanic, Dirty Duck. He has plenty of cheat-laden dirt-track experience and he’s thirsty for bribe booze, so he should do a pretty good job during tomorrow’s BS inspection. Check in here for regular updates… well, as regular as I can do without internet access, which means I’ll be posting from the motel room Saturday night.

3 Responses to “Judge Sam Prepares For First Appearance on LeMons Supreme Court”

  1. Steelmare

    Whoa! I call nepotism! Heeheehee!

  2. mechimike


  3. Novaload

    How weird. My first thought was, “That guy looks like Murilee!” He certainly has the right resume for the job.

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