Michigan is very proud of its famous killin’-n-grillin’ son, and rightfully so! Someday, Ted Nugent will be President of the United States, and LeMons HQ wants to be able to tell The Nuge that we were behind him all the way! 
The Ted Nugent Penalty is pretty simple: The LeMons Supreme Court paints titles of selected Nugent masterpieces on your car. We thought about branching out into Iggy/Stooges titles, but Iggy is just too short to ever become president. 
Legendary automotive journalist Tony Swan, who reviewed the ’88 Prelude in Sharpy on the trunklid at last year’s Gingerman race, seems bemused by his Honda’s latest decoration. 
Swan’s teammates Csaba Csere and Rich Ceppos seem to have more positive feelings toward the man who penned “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang.” Here we see them taking their People’s Curse lap around the paddock. They got enough votes for the Curse Lite (a public humiliation), most likely because their car’s left blinker was on at all times. No, we’re not making that up. 
The Barbie-themed Mercury Capri seemed especially appropriate for the Ted Nugent penalty. You think Ted has a few Capris in his compound? 

5 Responses to “Yank Me, Crank Me: The Ted Nugent Penalty Doses Miscreants With Michigan Justice”

  1. discontinuuity

    How do you pronounce Csaba Csere?

  2. LTDScott

    “Chubby Checker”

  3. admin

    “Chubba Chedda”

  4. Mulry

    I’d like to see this penalty expanded whereby team members have to dress up in leopard-skin print outfits and act out “Cat Scratch Fever” as performance art. I make this suggestion now because my race at ECR is over and it can’t be used against me. 🙂

  5. CknWafls

    It was the right blinker….trust me 🙂

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