1955 Mercedes-Benz W120
Not far from the ’72 MGB-GT sits this well-picked-over (yet still stately) Mercedes-Benz W120. I can’t figure out the model year, but let’s say mid-1950s.
Mercedes-Benz W120
This car suffers from a few rust issues, but it’s still a shame that it’s been junked after more than a half-century of life.
1955 Mercedes-Benz 180
The 1.8 or 1.9 liter four-cylinder is still there for the pickin’.
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3 Responses to “Down On The Denver Junkyard: Mercedes-Benz Ponton”

  1. discontinuuity

    Hopefully it’s not the same as this one:

    On second glance the paint color is different.

  2. FordTempoFan

    What a catch! Handsome machine, sad such a rarity must go. But as a Ford Tempo fan, I see tragedy such as this very often.

  3. discontinuuity

    How the hell’ve you been Mr. FTF?! My neighbor has a rusty Tempo coupe that reminds me of you. And I usually ask any Alaskans I run into if they know you. There’s like twenty of you up there right?

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