How is this possible? The Corsa Nostra Alfa GTV6, veteran of massive and repeated mechanical and driving failures at several previous LeMons events, ended the day sitting in first place!
The Corsa Nostra car has racked up some major BS laps at past events, but we’d become convinced that the terrible body roll and black-flag-centric driving rendered any possible cheats harmless. Guess we were wrong! Today, this team didn’t get a single penalty, and the car didn’t break at all. How? Why?
But it gets crazier still! The Scuderia Arugginito ’69 Alfa Berlina managed to lead the race for much of the day… until a fuel leak and a couple of bad-driving penalties knocked it down to 8th place. Could it be possible that an Alfa Romeo might actually take the overall win at a 24 Hours of LeMons race?
Sitting a mere three laps behind the GTV6 is the Team Reynolds Style ’94 Celica. Front-drive Celicas have done very, very badly in LeMons races; sure, they can be quick, but they almost always get sidelined by mechanical woes. Maybe not this weekend!
Then we’ve got the Team Topless (aka Pratt & Miller) Supra six laps back of the Reynolds Style car. You may remember this car as the winner of the ’08 Toledo race. This is the only Top 5 car that, historically speaking, belongs near the top of the standings in a LeMons race.
Much like the front-wheel-drive Celica, the Ford Probe has been a real LeMons heartbreaker in the past. LeMons Probes tend to be quick, but they also tend to blow the hell up after a day or so of racing. The Theta Tau Racing Probe would have to make up 19 laps to catch the leader, but stranger things have happened in LeMons.
Whoa, another FWD Celica in the Top 5? Impossible! Somehow, Team Fiery Death has managed to keep their Toyota going around the track.

7 Responses to “Detroit LeMons Day 1 Over, Alfa Romeo GTV6 Leads!”

  1. Judge Jonny

    This is all impossibly unpossible.

  2. Armand

    I’m gonna have to agree with Judge Jonny on this one– none of this makes any sense at all.

    And it’s awesome.

  3. Dave Coleman

    More proof that Detroit is some kind of alternate universe.

  4. LTDScott

    Dogs and cats living together!

  5. Speedycop

    Mass hysteria!

  6. ZomBee Racer

    Common, no seriously, what really happened?

  7. Rpone605

    You should have seen that Alfa getting around the track. It was the only thing that was close to putting down the same lap times as the super cheaty camaro.

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