And the Winner Is…

October 11th, 2010

24 Hours of LeMons winning Alfa Romeo GTV6
After a long, exhausting drive, we’re lounging in a hot-sheet flophouse near Midway Airport. The internet connection here appears to be a cocktail-straw-diameter 300-baud pipeline, so I’ll keep this brief: the Corsa Nostra GTV6 has taken the win on laps at the Bull Oil Grand Prix 24 Hours of LeMons.
Yes, it’s finally happened: the long-predicted Alfa Romeo LeMons win! We’d seen this car at a few previous races, and it was always terrible. Lots of broken parts, lots of black flags, the works. This time, however, the team managed to stay out of trouble (mostly), and the Alfa battled back from second place in the last 30 minutes to grab the checkered flag. Congratulations, Corsa Nostra!

6 Responses to “And the Winner Is…”

  1. Speedycop

    Awesome! Thos guys were quick in the spring on that track, glad to see they got it together and pulled off the first Alfa win. Great looking car to boot!

  2. Judge Jonny

    And people get E30s why again exactly?

  3. Mulry

    I remember fondly the first time these guys went under the boroscope at Ledges and their ill-fated attempts to bribe their way out with “real” Cuban cigars, only to be informed that Jay doesn’t smoke. I think Jonny wanted to give them 10,000 laps but Phil whittled it down to 50.

  4. Tango

    These guys ran a super clean race and know the track very well being driver instructors and all. Followed them around to learn the track and made us suck a little less.Nice job
    Alfa boys.

  5. DeadinSide

    That is a rather significant amount of body roll.

  6. dculberson

    I got to spend some time being passed by them at Nelson Ledges, good to see them win one! The Alfarrari sounded great when I saw it. Made me all tingly to hear it go by.

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