And the Real Winner Is…

October 11th, 2010

1969 Alfa Romeo Berlina wins IOE at 24 Hours of LeMons Detroit
Yeah, yeah, so an Alfa took the win on laps this afternoon. That’s nice, but what true LeMons aficionados really care about is the Index of Effluency… which also went to an Alfa!
Would you believe that a terrifyingly rusty 1969 Alfa Romeo Berlina could ever come in 7th in a tough field of 71 cars? That’s what Scuderia Arugginito did this weekend! The car was very well driven, suffered from few mechanical problems, and looked good on the track while beating every single BMW E30. Congratulations, Scuderia Arugginito!

2 Responses to “And the Real Winner Is…”

  1. mechimike

    Egads, its like the red headed love child of a GTV and a Volvo 242. It looks like its coming for your children and pets.

  2. Darren Besic

    When the Berlina was being prepared to race, my brother Andy bodged together a home-made sliding block rear suspension setup, inspired in part by Horst Kwech of the late 60’s AUSCA TransAm GTV’s, but for no other reason than to get the inside front tire at least 4″ off the pavement on hard turns. Through sheer dumb luck, the “mods” dramatically improved the handling of this turd bucket. Too funny!

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