Could it be possible that a LeMons car could win the Index of Effluency in one race, then go on to take the win on laps at a subsequent race?

I can’t keep my eyes open much longer, yet I must share some more of the incredible machinery that showed up to the Rod Blagojevich Never-Say-Die 500 2010 BS Inspection.

It was quite a day here in Joliet, Il.

This time, according to LeMons wild man Speedycop, things would be different. The Lancia Scorpion on Toyota MR2 chassis would be ready before it showed up at the race. Of course, we knew better.

I Am Not a Crook!

October 23rd, 2010

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with Richard Nixon, so here’s a 24 Hours of LeMons team that made a good first impression on the LeMons Supreme Court.

Remember the Roadmaster Mobile Justice Unit? The only thing better would be a Roadmaster Wagon LeMons race car… but who would be crazy enough to do such a thing?

We’ve seen 5 Batmobiles, 7 Back To The Future “DeLoreans,” 4 Delta House Deathmobiles, and 99 General Lees in LeMons… but this is our first Murph & The Magictones-themed LeMons car.

After fortifying ourselves with a few shots of Powers’ Irish Whiskey and some Chicago-style pizza back at the motel in Joliet, we of the LeMons HQ crew are contemplating one of the most ridiculous, yet most amazing, entries in 24 Hours of LeMons history.

We’re heading into LeMons race number 18, with just four more to go, and the leaders in the overall standings race are battling for that free trip to some race in France.

Chicago, Here We Come!

October 21st, 2010

The 24 Hours of LeMons crew has packed the Tilt-A-Whirl into the fleet of GAZ-51s, and we’ll be showing up at the Rod Blagojevich Never-Say-Die 500 race for BS Inspection tomorrow morning.

Would you drive a 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia “taxi” balls-to-the-wall from Tuxtla Guiterrez to Zacatecas? That’s what LeMons veterans Martin Lauber and Conrad Stevenson will start doing tomorrow!

I’m crossing the parking lot of a Walgreen’s in Denver when this beautifully weathered Land Rover rolls up…

LeMons Chief Perp Jay Lamm has signed a pledge never to write about cars again; he’s got it framed and hanging up in his office. He also tends to be extremely harsh on LeMons drivers who happen to be his friends. That means that he’s extra cruel to former auto-journo colleagues Csaba Csere, Tony Swan, […]

I finally got around to swapping in the allegedly good 318 that came as part of the deal for my ’66 Dodge Sportsman Custom van, and whaddya know— it is a good engine!

No, this mean-looking rod doesn’t have Rambler V8 power (though that would be cool). That’s a ’52 Packard Straight Eight flathead engine!

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